Bibliography of Otoliths

Edited by Robert B. Campbell


This special publication contains a compilation of the published articles that contain references to fossil otoliths from 1849 to 1923 and includes a list of otolith species listed ineach article. It also contains a brief list of articles that describe otoliths from living speciesof fish from 1884 to 1905. An abstract, preface and table of contents has been added tothis digital version. This was the very first special publication published by the society. It post-dates the Journal of Paleontology (1927) by two years and pre-dates the Journal of Sedimentary Petrology (1931) by two years. It is included in our new digital collection of the society’s special publications for completeness and may even add a reference or two that may have been lost to those who study otolith.

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    The following bibliography of otoliths is taken principally from “Fossilium Catalogus” published by W. Junk of Berlin. In the United States articles can be found in the New York Public Library and the John Crerar Library at Chicago. Both these institutions will supply photograms of articles requested.

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